Compact cardboard box


Compact cardboard packaging is the combination of strength and elegance. They are distinguished by firmness and refinement and are ideal for products with a quality-focused positioning. They are usually associated with prestigious brands in various segments. Technology, decoration, footwear, fashion, jewellery, are some examples of segments where several premium brands choose compact cardboard packaging.

At the same time, they are an excellent option at ecological level, since they are recyclable and biodegradable, preserving the environment.

Like other cardboard packaging, they are versatile – they adapt to various sizes, designs and colours – and can be personalised and transformed into a powerful tool for communicating and promoting your brand.

The customer experience starts with the packaging of the product. Creating a pleasant unpacking experience is just as important as providing a good product user experience.

Compact cardboard packaging is visually appealing, with a soft touch that helps build a positive sensory experience, an experience that will influence consumer opinion and loyalty to the brand.