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Compact cardboard packaging is the combination of strength and elegance. They are distinguished by firmness and refinement and are ideal for products with a quality-focused positioning. They are usually associated with prestigious brands in various segments. Technology, decoration, footwear, fashion, jewellery, are some examples of segments where several premium brands

Simple, tasty, and elegant with a refined touch, are the hotdogs FRANKIE. Its restaurants have a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere but without giving up elegance. So would also have to be the packaging. The new food packaging of the Frankie brand was thought and developed considering all the characteristics and needs

Micro corrugated packaging is currently the most used in the market, being used by a wide range of brands from different business areas. Technological innovation has allowed micro corrugated cardboard to become a lightweight packaging without compromising its strength and protection capacity. Furthermore, it is a safe product, posing no risk

With increasing market awareness about the environmental impact of plastic packaging, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has also grown. Sustainable packaging also generates enthusiasm among consumers who are well aware of the harmful impacts of plastic waste on the environment. But in essence, what really is eco-friendly packaging? By definition, sustainable

Cardboard tubes are undeniably a unique and creative way to store products. There is a widespread growth in demand for this packaging and MEDIApack® offers various sizes and heights for cardboard tubes, as well as various types of finishing. This type of packaging can be used for various purposes. From technological

There are several brands that in addition to packaging, do not dispense trays for a perfect packaging of products. Whether it is the case of candy brands, perfumes, wines or technological products, products with different characteristics and need for different protection, but which require special care both for a perfect

Pasteboard packaging is an economical option without giving up elegance and is widely adaptable to sizes, shapes, and customizations. Because they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging, they contribute to environmental sustainability, a factor increasingly valued by consumers when choosing a brand. In addition, they are lightweight packages that take up

Present your card in a memorable way. Packaging for business cards, be it bank cards (credit cards), health cards, gift cards or loyalty cards the packaging should complement the importance of the card recipient and create a good impression. At MEDIApack® you will find a variety of packaging options developed with

An effective design makes your product stand out from the competition and arouses the interest of your customers. This is undoubtedly the first step in the purchase decision process. For the development of the perfect packaging the following points must be taken into account: Product - Packaging always revolves around the

The identification of a product in the market does not happen only through the brand, the packaging is a direct and active communication vehicle, being able to suggest, among other things, the quality level of its content. Today we talk about packaging for the fashion segment. The women's clothing brand SIENNA