The identification of a product in the market does not happen only through the brand, the packaging is a direct and active communication vehicle, being able to suggest, among other things, the quality level of its content. Today we talk about packaging for the fashion segment.

The women’s clothing brand SIENNA challenged MEDIApack® to develop its new packaging. This micro-corrugated cardboard packaging in the form of a pouch with integrated handle was developed with three key factors in mind:

– Functional factor, a packaging that facilitates transport, lightweight and the perfect size for SIENNA parts;

– Subjective mental factor, a packaging that positively influences the image of the product and brand, elegant, resistant, with an attractive design that is both sophisticated and practical. It adds value to the product and highlights its qualities.

– Environmental factor, packaging in 100% recyclable micro-corrugated cardboard, totally eco-friendly.

In addition, micro corrugated cardboard packaging is economical without compromising quality, fully customizable and adapts to various sizes, designs, and colours.