compact cardboard


An effective design makes your product stand out from the competition and arouses the interest of your customers. This is undoubtedly the first step in the purchase decision process. 

For the development of the perfect packaging the following points must be taken into account:

Product - Packaging always revolves around the product in question. Therefore, the development of the packaging should take into account the protection of the product and should become a valuable and effective communication tool between the brand and the consumer. To this end, the packaging should contain all the relevant information about your product. From making clear the advantages of the product, to details such as materials, shapes or finishes that make its quality tangible.

Customer attraction - Packaging is the first contact between the consumer and the product and, as we mentioned above, attracting the consumer to pick up your packaging from the shelf is the first step in the purchase decision process. Therefore, you should evaluate what can distinguish your packaging from your competitors' products while keeping in mind what will be most convenient for your product and the end consumer. After all, packaging can affect the experience between the consumer and the product. At the same time, if you use packaging with reusability criteria it will become as valuable as your product, as it will eternalize your brand in the customer's home. Factors such as the use of sustainable packaging are nowadays a fundamental criterion.

MEDIApack® packaging combines all the important characteristics of packaging and becomes an excellent option for different sectors of activity. In addition to being versatile, both in formats and finishes and customization giving the necessary differentiation to stand out at the POS are recyclable and biodegradable.